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THE JACKAL AND THE ROOSTER - Class-VII English [NEW BOOK 2018] (Lesson II) - Text, Activity and Answers

April 5, 2018
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THE JACKAL AND THE ROOSTER - Class-VII English [NEW BOOK 2018] (Lesson II) - Text, Activity and Answers
Class-VII English [NEW BOOK 2018] (Lesson 2)


    There was a very big and handsome rooster. He looked like a king with its beautiful red crown. He also felt like a king. He got up very early in the morning, sat on a high place and sang non-stop - cock-koo-doodle doo, cock-koo-doodle doo.............. .. He knew that his song was much better than the songs of the other roosters in his locality. But he wanted to make his song still better, louder and clearer. But how to do this was his problem. It was a problem till a jackal suggested a way out.

    The jackal saw the rooster singing everyday early in the morning. But it sang keeping his eyes open. If he would try to catch the rooster, the rooster would fly away to the tree. This was what happened the other day when he tried to catch a rooster. So he came to the rooster and said, "Oh great, handsome, king-like rooster! Your song will be really nice if you sing closing your eyes."

    Comprehension Questions:
    1 . Who are there in the story?
    2. What was the rooster like?
    3. What did it do early in the morning?
    4. What did it know?
    5. Is it true that the rooster's song was better than the songs of other rooster~?
    6. What did it want its song to be?
    7. Did it ,know how to do this?
    8. The jackal thought the rooster would fly away if it tried to catch it. Why?
    9. Did the jackal have similar experiences before?
    10. What did the jackal suggest the rooster to make its song better?
    11. Why did the jackal call the rooster great, handsome ................... ?

    SESSION 2:
    The rooster closed his eyes and sang louder and clearer -cock koo-doodle-doo. Then SNAP!! The jackal caught the rooster by its neck and ran away. The owner of the rooster chased behind. His wife and sons joined him. Also joined his neighbors. But the jackal was much ahead of those running behind. The rooster, in the mean time, said, "Mr. Jackal, I'm so happy to be with you. Without walking, I'm walking. Without flying, I'm flying. What a great feeling! And my owner is a miser. He never gives me anything to eat. Why don't you tell this to them?"

    Comprehension Questions:
    1. Did the rooster sing closing its eyes?
    2. What did the jackal do?
    3. Who ran after the jackal?
    4. Why did they chase the jackal?
    5. Why couldn't they catch the jackal?
    6. Why did the rooster say that it was happy to be with the jackal ?
    7. Was it really happy or telling a lie ?
    8. What did it say about its owner ?
    9. What did the rooster ask the jackal to do?
    Will the jackal do what the rooster wanted him to do? Read the last part and see.

    SESSION 3:
    The jackal felt happy with these words of the rooster. As he opened his mouth to say something, the rooster flew up. to a tree. Sitting on the branch of the tree, the rooster sang:

    "I was a fool
    To believe your lies
    I closed instead of
    Keeping open my eyes."

    The Jackal wept and said,
    "I'm a great fool
    To believe what you said,
    For opening my mouth
    I feel really repented."

    Comprehension Questions:
    1. Was the jackal happy with what the rooster said ?
    2. What did the rooster do when the jackal opened its mouth?
    3. What did the rooster do sitting on the branch of a tree ?
    4. Did it realize the mistake it made ?
    5. What did the jackal do ?
    6. The jackal said something while weeping. What did it say?
    7. What was the mistake of the rooster ?
    8. What was the mistake of the jackal ?
    9. Both realized their mistakes. Who sang·? Who·wept? Why?
    10. If two persons quarrel or fight, one that wins at the end is said to have the last laugh. Who had the last laugh in the story?

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