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Hard Work (Poem) - Class-V English (Lesson VI) - Text, Activity and Answers

January 31, 2018
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Hard Work (Poem) - Class-V English (Lesson VI) - Text, Activity and Answers, opepa books,
Lesson VI - Hard Work (Poem) 

Now is the time to study hard,
Work will bring its own reward;
So, work, work, work!

You must spell and you must read,
Nothing but your lessons heed;
Slow and steady must succeed,
So, work, work, work!

With a will, the tasks begin,
Now is the time a prize to win;
Pour the golden knowledge in,
And work, work, work!

Fill in the blanks choosing the right words given in the box.

1. ________ will bring its own reward.
2. Slow and steady must ______ _
3. the golden knowledge in.
4. You must _______ and you must read.
5. ________ but your lessons heed.
(nothing, spell, work, succeed, pour)

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