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The Ungrateful Goldsmith - Class-V English (Lesson VII) - Text, Activity and Answers

January 31, 2018
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The Ungrateful Goldsmith - Class-V English (Lesson VII) - Text, Activity and Answers, opepa books odisha

Lesson VII - The Ungrateful Goldsmith 

In a small village, lived a poor brahmin. One day, he said to himself, "I must go in search of work."

So he set off early in the morning. After a while, feeling thirsty, he stopped at a well. He was surprised at what he saw in it. For, inside the well were a tiger, a monkey, a snake and a man. The brahmin got frightened and was about to go away when the tiger called out, "Kind man, please help me out of here."

The brahmin replied, "But you will kill me if I take you out."

"I promise, I won't," said the tiger. The brahmin thought, "It is good to help others." And he helped the tiger out of the well.

The tiger was very grateful. "Thank you for saving my life. I live in those mountains. Come to me if you ever need my help."

The monkey now called out, "I want to come out too." 'A monkey is harmless,' thought the brahmin and helped him out as well.

Before leaving, the monkey said, "I live in that jungle. If you ever need gold, come to me."

Next, the snake called out, "I beg you to help me too". Now the brahmin was scared. "No," he said. "You will bite me and I'll die."

"I will not harm you," said the snake. The brahmin trusted the snake and helped it out.

"You have been very kind to me. I'll tell you my secret. I can appear by magic if you call me. I advise you not to help the man inside. He is ungrateful.

He will harm you even if you help him," said the snake. Then the man who was a goldsmith called out, "Kind brahmin, now it is my tum. Please help me out."

The brahmin thought, 'I have helped dangerous animals. What harm can this man do to me?' So he pulled him out too. The man said, "I am a poor man. I live in the town nearby. If you ever need me, I'll help you."

1. What is the story about ?
2. Who lived in a small village?
3. When did he go in search of work?
4. What did he see inside the well?
5. Who said "Kindman, please help me out of here ?
6. What did the tiger say to the brahmin?
7. Why did the brahmin help the monkey?
8. What did the brahmin say to the snake?
9. What was the snake's reply?
10. What did the snake advise the brahmin?

The brahmin went on his way. He tried to find work, but he could not get any. He was walking through the jungle wondering what to do, when he remembered the three animals and the man. All of them had promised to help him.

He first went to the tiger who gave him food to eat. Next he went to the monkey who gave him gold ornaments.

The brahmin was very happy to receive the gold ornaments. He now went to the man, who was a goldsmith. "Can you sell these gold ornaments for me ? I need money," he said. The goldsmith agreed and took the gold ornaments from the brahmin .

Quietly, the goldsmith ran to the king's palace. "Your Majesty, here are the royal jewels that were stolen. I got them from a brahmin, whom I have left in my house", he said.

The king ordered his soldiers to arrest the brahmin. The soldiers arrested the brahmin and put him in prison.

'Who will help me now?' the brahmin thought. Then he remembered the snake. He called for it and the snake appeared.

After listening to the brahmin's story, the snake who knew magic said, "I have an idea. I'll bite the king's daughter and she will become unconscious. The poison will remain in her body until you put your hand on her forehead."

The snake bit the princess.No one could bring her back to life. "I can cure her," said the brahmin. When the king heard this, he sent for him. As soon as the brahmin touched her forehead, the princess woke up. Everyone was very happy.

The brahmin told the king what the man had done. Then, the king asked his soldiers to throw the ungrateful goldsmith into jail. He rewarded the brahmin with a house and a thousand pieces of gold.

1. Why was the brahmin unwilling to help the snake ?
2. Why did the he remember the three animals ?
3. Why did the brahmin want to sell the gold ornaments ?
4. Why did the king order to arrest the brahmin?
5. How did the snake use the power of his magic ?
6. How did the brahmin cure the princess?

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