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Plants Can Feel - Class-V English (Lesson II) - Text, Activity and Answers

January 31, 2018
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Plants Can Feel - Class-V English (Lesson II) - Text, Activity and Answers, odisha government primary school, opepa,

LESSON - II (Plants Can Feel )

Mrs Dash has a lovely garden at the back of her house. She has grown many beautiful flowers in her garden. She loves to sit there in the evening after her day's work.

One evening, after dinner, Mrs Dash was sitting in her garden. Her little daughter, Misha, was also with her. Misha wanted to pluck one big flower. It was a sunflower.

Misha: Mama, may I pluck this flower? How big and beautiful it is !

Mother: No, dear. Don't pluck any flower at this time. Don't you know plants sleep at night?

Misha Mama, do plants also sleep ?

Mother: Yes, plants wake and sleep as we do. They feel pain and pleasure as we do. J.C. Bose proved all these by his experiments.

Misha: Who was J.C. Bose?

Mother: He was a great Indian scientist. He proved that the plants grow and die like men. They eat and drink as we do. They drink water by their roots. They get their food from the soil. They breathe through their leaves. If you give them a blow, they feel pain as we do. Thus plants are much like us. Only they don't move like us.

Misha: Thank you, Mama, for telling me so much about plants. I shall never give them pain. I shall love them and take care of them.

Mother: And do you know, Misha, some plants are very clever ? They catch insects and eat them.

Misha: Mama ! That is very strange!

Mother: But it is true. There are many plants that eat flesh. They catch insects for their food. The pitcher plant, the sundew and the flytrap are all flesh eating plants.

Now let's get into our house, Misha. Your Papa knows a lot about plants. He'll tell you how these plants catch insects.

Misha: Yes, Mama. This is very interesting. I'll ask Papa about it.
(They go inside)

Let's read between the lines
Answer the following questions.

1) When did Misha want to pluck a flower?
2) Why did Mrs Das not allow her do so ?
3) How are some plants very clever?
4) How is a plant different from man?

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