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Run! (Poem) - Class-V English (Lesson III) - Text, Activity and Answers

January 31, 2018
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Run! (Poem) - Class-V English (Lesson III) - Text, Activity and Answers, opepa, odisha primary school books,
LESSON - III - RUN! (Poem)

AWAY from the city
And into the sun,
Out of the country,
Run ! Run ! Run !
Run in the raindrops !
Run'neath the trees !
Run little races
With each little breeze !
Run down the hillside,
Run up the lane;
Run through the meadow,
Then run back again !
Run and be merry
All through the day !
Run to the country,
Away! Away!

-Mary Daunt

Answer the following questions:

1. What does one see in the countryside ?
2. Does the poet tell us to run in the raindrops ?
3. Why does the poet tell us to run ?
4. How many times does the poet use the word "RUN"?

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